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Yourjana Maltese & Show Dog Essentials

Leads - Bedding - Show Bows-& Lots Lots more

Photo Gallery

Bedding Bedding Assorted Fleece 198771287 Assorted Cotton 198771278 Snuggle Bed Cover This is made to fit the average bed available form commercial outlets 100cm x 60cm This is an envelope cover having a top layer with a wide opening so the dog can hide inside ( fluffy dog not included) 198771289 Plush Fleecce 198771279 Minky Fleece 198771280 Minky Fleece 198771281 Minky Fleece 198771282 Animal Print Pola Fleece This size is suitable for the 4 berth trolley bays 198771283 Pillow Cover for futon regular size pillow 198771284 Large Futon 198771285 Assorted 198771286 Extra Large 4ftx4ft Cotton Only 198771288 198771328 198771329 198771330 198771331 198771332 198771333 198771334 198771335 198771336 198771337